Laboratory and quality assurance

Process security in the in-house laboratory

The recycling process requires not only expensive machinery but also clean materials as much as possible to prevent damage to equipment and inferior quality of finished products. The prerequisite for a qualitative recycling process and thus the production of a defined regrind or a special compound is the monitoring of the raw materials and the properties of the finished product.The aim of a meaningful reuse of plastics is the targeted production of compounds under constant quality control of the processing process.That is why we have a comprehensive quality management system which consistently carries out the incoming and outgoing inspection of all plastics. This requires a complex know-how of interactions of various additives and chemical reactions in the processing of plastics.

Without a complex test laboratory and technical center, no specific processes can be controlled and thus qualitative products can be produced.

The company P.D.S. draws up an audit report on all incoming plastic materials and outgoing granulates and ensures that the outgoing products comply with the technical and legal requirements.In our technical center there are simulation machines that can produce the following articles on a laboratory scale in order to subsequently check the produced compounds and regranulates in their properties.Injection molded parts, cast film, blown film.As a result, we are also able to produce prototypes in small series for new developments.

The laboratory is equipped to carry out all incoming and outgoing inspections while maintaining quality control.

A detailed documentation of all test results offers you absolute safety in terms of material quality

All tests at a glance:

Melt volume flow rate
Impact and notched impact strength after CHARPY
Vicat softening temperature
HDT softening
Ball indentation hardness
tensile strenght
Elongation at maximum force
Train module
Shore hardness
Rheological measurements
electrical surface resistance
electrical volume resistance
Color values ​​and color formulation according to CIE L * a * b * color system
ashes test
GSC (gas chromatograph)
RFA (X-ray fluorescence analysis, heavy metals)

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