Plastic recycling

Purchase of plastic waste and rejects Useful recycling of resources

The topic of recycling has been one of the hot topics in the plastics industry for years, going beyond general recycling options and the sensible recycling of plastic waste resulting from the production process. Politics and society demand a rethink. Companies in the plastics industry are required to change their processes and sorting. Only in this way can they ensure the economic efficiency of the use of recyclates "

We help you as a full-service provider in matters of plastic. With a recycling concept that is tailored to their operation, we calculate together with you the possibilities of the use of your on-site bulletproof goods.

Regardless of whether they can be used again in their own operations or as secondary raw materials for other plastic productions. We are happy to provide you with a cost benefit analysis that gives you transparency about the savings potential. With our processing techniques, we are able to utilize plastics and produce high-quality regrinds, which serve as the basis for further production steps, such as the production of regranulates or special compounds. Our process-accompanying laboratory tests guarantee the consistently high quality of the regranulates or special compounds produced from them.

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