Innovative applications

By properly selecting and putting together the formulation of base polymers, fillers and additives, compounds with tailor-made properties can be produced. Almost every plastic goes through a compounding machine once in its life cycle. In this processing step, the process technology used determines the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of the product. So that all requirements can be met, the PDS is intensively researching process variants for compounding, thereby paving the way for new and improved processes

Paving process for the treatment of plastics. One of the keys to more efficient processing is the intelligent coupling of machines and systems to new concepts. Based on your product requirements, we develop the ideal composition of your plastic granules.

In addition to 1A virgin material we also offer industrial grades and high quality regranulates. Industrial grades and regranulates are nowadays a cost-effective alternative to virgin material in many applications. A compound made from recycled materials is no longer intended for the use of park benches. Thanks to a sophisticated internal logistics system and state-of-the-art plant technology combined with laborious laboratory equipment, the production of high-quality products is guaranteed Compounds and recycled granules with appropriate certifications are a serious alternative to primary sources

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